Touch Effect | Xamarin.Forms | Xamarin Community Toolkit

  • Would you like to change Opacity when the StackLayout is pressed? — No problem.
  • Do you want to increase the Scale when the Grid is hovered by the mouse cursor? — Easy!
  • Ohh, you want to replicate native platform button behavior (Tilt for UWP, Ripple for Android), don’t you? — No problem, sir. That’s supported.
  1. First of all, we should add Xamarin.CommunityToolkit to all of your Xamarin.Forms projects (including platform projects iOS, Android, UWP, etc.). Keep in mind that XCT requires Xamarin.Forms v.5. That’s it! No other initialization required (Quite easy for far, right :P?)
<ContentView                              xct:TouchEffect.AnimationDuration="500"                              xct:TouchEffect.AnimationEasing="CubicInOut"
xct:TouchEffect.PressedScale="1.2" xct:TouchEffect.Command={Binding PressedCommand}>
<Image Source="{Binding Image}" />
<StackLayout                              xct:TouchEffect.NativeAnimation="True"                                                                             xct:TouchEffect.Command={Binding PressedCommand}>
<Image Source="{Binding Image}" />
<ContentView                              xct:TouchEffect.LongPressCommand="{Binding LongPressedCommand}">                       
<Image Source="{Binding Image}" />
  1. I wish to make the “Learn more” label touch responsive.
  2. I want to make the back button touch responsive.
  3. I want to open a detailed page by the long press over the hero picture.




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Andrei Misiukevich

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